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The crew 2 2018 is the video game equivalent of a cross-eyed puppy waiting in a cardboard box marked “needs good home” abandoned on the side of the road. It’s a bit busted, a little sad and quite confused, and yet, every fiber of me wants to love it.

If you’ve ever wondered what a speedboat looks like falling from the clouds into Nebraska farmland, wonder no longer. Or perhaps you’ve fantasized about flying from Los Angeles to New York City, then skipping the traffic and dropping into Central Park in an indestructible Porsche. No problem: The crew 2 2018 will let you do that, too. Here is a video game desperate to please, one that would love to let you do anything practically anything you can imagine with any vehicle on the planet — assuming it isn’t vulgar!


The crew 2 2018 is a lovable, thirsty mess, and the sooner you accept it for what it is, the sooner you can appreciate all of the idiosyncrasies that make this racing game unique. The map’s scale is astonishing, and finally delivers on the promise made by its spiritual predecessor Driver: San Francisco: basically, “Google Maps, but a video game.” When you pause and hold the left trigger, the camera pulls away from your vehicle to a view of the city block, then the neighborhood, the city, the state and finally the entire United States. But this isn’t a static map. The world continues to move, the waves crashing against the beach, traffic moving through the intersections, people and animals leisurely passing by your parked vehicle. Yes, the original The Crew was similar, but the sprawl of the States is better appreciated when you have the option to see it by swamp boat, motorbike or farm plane — an option that game lacked.


The crew 2 2018 is also generous in a way few other AAA games even attempt to be. I don’t mean that it fills the map in busy work side quests (though it has some of that too). Rather, that there are so many vehicles, so many ways to zip through this bizarro USA, that there’s an argument to be made that you should ignore the game’s racing altogether and simply explore.

In 2018, The crew 2 2018 is a mess, but it’s easy to imagine the same game, in 2019 or 2020, being a must-play. There’s a part of me that looks forward to that version of the game. But I’d be lying if I said I wanted all of its embarrassing blemishes to be concealed, repaired and removed. There’s plenty to love about this cross-eyed puppy.


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